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Not just once but three times with our previous helpers. First two incidents involved my mom who is a senior citizen and she lost money in her room. The last incident was with money kept away in a bag in our closet. Although we did not catch anyone red handed, we want to share with you the lessons we have learned so employers can avoid this in the future.

FIRST: Never ever leave your valuable belongings like jewelry, expensive gadgets, and the like, and most importantly, cash, laying around at home. The rule of thumb here is to never ever tempt your maids and yayas, even if they have been with you for the longest time! You never know when they are in a crisis and will commit a mistake. Remember, our Kasambahays are people too and just like us, they can commit mistakes!

SECOND: CCTVs are good in deterring unwanted acts. This can help people at home act accordingly. If you will be installing for the first time, make sure that your CCTV can record around the clock so you can review. Just in case there is an incident, you can go over the video. But again, as much as possible, let us not tempt fate with our beloved maids and yayas so prevention should always be observed!

THIRD: If it is necessary to have significant amounts of money or if you have a lot of valuables, it's best to invest in a vault! A vault that is mounted to the wall would be best so thieves would have a hard time. But let us not display this so as not to tempt our helpers again. If possible, keep it hidden from plain sight.

To our previous maids or whoever it was, God bless you. Times may be hard but as we have always told our maids, they can always come to us for help. We treated them as family and if they did this, we don’t judge them for what happened. We hope and pray that whoever got the money was able to use it properly.

Of course, not all employers will feel the same so if you happen to catch your maids or yayas stealing from you, it would be best to report this to the proper authorities like the Barangay or the nearest Police station.

We should never tolerate this kind of behavior since we will never know if it is their first time. We do hope that they will learn their lesson once they are penalized by our law.

"Lying and stealing are next door neighbors." -Arabic Proverbs

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