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3 traits we look for in our Maids and Yayas!

Our family has gone through a lot of helpers and these 3 traits we look for in maids have proven to be successful in our home that is why we value them the most!

Traits we look for in maids
Traits we look for in maids

  1. PATIENCE - we have a kid and her Lola at home, and this trait is critical so that our maids will succeed at home. We say this because kids, just like their grandparents, are more often than not, fickle minded. We mean this in a good way because it is what it is. We don't tolerate bad behavior though and we help our maids when times get tough. Making both parties understand so no one feels neglected.

  2. Having INITIATIVE - we basically give our helpers guidelines on what to do for the house and our kid, then we let them have their way on how to accomplish things. This has proven to be effective so far and whenever things aren't working, we sit down with them to see how we can improve their work. This can be a hit or miss depending on how your maids approach it but we saw that the trust given to them, make them all the more productive. At the end of the day, what is important for us is that things get done.

  3. HARDWORKING - we believe that there are no lazy maids. There are maids though who lack guidance in achieving the expectations of their employers. This is the reason why we lay down the ground rules and the things to do in the beginning so our maids know what they need to do. If things aren't done, we sit down with them to find a solution. Now for us to say that our maids are hardworking is when we see the quality of their work. Those who do the extra mile or make an effort to do their job well are those who have good work ethic. Thankfully, majority of the maids we had are hardworking.

Another trait that is worth mentioning also is HONESTY. Although we don't give our Kasambahays a reason to be dishonest, e.g. leaving valuables laying around the house, we do value their honesty when we talk to them about problems at work. We believe that having honest feedback is the only way to move forward when resolving issues.

Having good maids is something we are grateful for and we believe that they contribute to our success. That is why when you have good maids at home, cherish and build a good relationship with them. Whether they stay long or are just here with us for a while.

Do you agree with the 3 traits we look for in maids? We would love to hear from you and what trait you value in your maids and yayas. Message us at for your maid story and we will gladly share it with your followers. Sharing is caring!

"Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter." - Izaak Walton


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