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We hired, DIRECT!

Newly hired maid at home that came from a referral.

At our household, the majority of our maids and yayas have been recruited through our trusted local maid agency. Kasambahays have been the backbone of our home, ensuring everything runs smoothly. However, when our maids leave, there are times when we can't quite find a maid applicant who fits our requirements through the agency, and that's when we turn to referrals.

Benefits of Direct Hiring

Direct hiring offers some notable advantages. First and foremost, you can sidestep those agency fees, which can make a significant difference in your budget. More than that, it gives you the flexibility to negotiate a salary that aligns perfectly with your budget and the prospective maid's expectations. More often than not, this is usually lower than maid salary rates from agencies.

How We Discovered the Power of Referrals

Our experience with direct hiring has been rather unique. While referrals often come from family, friends, or relatives, we stumbled upon a gem of a referral through our former maid who had ventured abroad. It was a reminder that kindness can come full circle. Not only did we help her in the past, but she came back to assist us in our time of need.

The Initial Expenses and Precautions

It's worth noting that initial expenses are usually on the employer. In our case, we covered the transportation costs for our new maid, who hailed from the province. If this becomes too costly, you can agree with your prospective maid in how to recoup your expense through salary deduction later on.

If you're considering direct hiring, we strongly recommend that your referral comes from a trustworthy source, like family, friends, or former employees in good standing. Even with trusted referrals, remember to prioritize safety at home. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Medical Examinations and Background Checks

For added peace of mind, consider having your new hire undergo an initial medical examination, especially if you have children at home. Furthermore, obtaining clearances from the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) can provide an extra layer of safety and assurance.

To formalize your relationship with your new maid, a contract, which can be downloaded from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), can be a valuable tool. Don't forget to collect copies of their valid IDs as well.

No Luck with Direct Hiring?

If direct hiring doesn't seem to be working out, it's always a good idea to explore legitimate maid agencies with positive and honest reviews. Platforms like can be a great place to begin your search.

In Conclusion

We wish you the best of luck in your search for a new maid. Whether you choose direct hiring or a reputable agency, remember that the right maid can make a world of difference in your household. Happy maid hunting!

"Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend." - Mark Zuckerburg

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