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Is it time to give your Maids and Yayas a salary increase?

For our small family's household helpers, we believe it is time.

Our maid and yaya have been with us since the start of the pandemic, 2020. Fortunately, the pandemic has taught us a lot about them and we are grateful that we got to know them better during this time.

We have treated them like family ever since and we feel that they have treated us well as well because of this.

Now that the pandemic seems to have ended and everything is improving, our livelihoods included, we want to share with them this growth that we are starting to experience.

Reflecting on this decision, we feel that it is the right choice. Further proving our point is the saying ,

"Nobody has ever become poor by giving." - Anne Frank

We plan to give them an increase this mid-year, a surprise, to show our appreciation. People might ask, "but are they staying?", and regardless if they will be staying longer or not, we want to give them this.

At this rate, their salaries will be comparable if not higher than those given in premium local maid agencies and we do hope that this will make them happy.

Don't get us wrong but we also hope they will stay longer because we still have a lot of plans for our growing family and they are included in our plans.

So instead of worrying, we raise it up to God if they are meant to stay with us longer since this is out of our control.

So the question is for employers just like us who have good Kasambahays at home, is it time for an increase for your beloved MAIDS and YAYAS?

If they have been with you all throughout this pandemic and have stuck with you through thick and thin during this roller coaster ride, YES!

If they have been good to your family regardless of tenure and you want to show your utmost appreciation, YES!

If you plan to share your blessings because good fortune has come your way because the pandemic has died down, YES!

Keep in mind, happy helpers at home will work better for you.

And if you have a great household you can rely on, you can definitely focus on other important things like family, work and growth.

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant." - Robert Louis Stevenson


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