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Frequently Asked Questions

Things we want you to know

About Our Services:

  • We provide contractual household helpers with required employment documents, clearances, and a guarantee of replacements or refunds.


Our Credentials:

  • Yes, we are a licensed maid agency with DOLE License No. M-22-01-012 and registered as Inc. with SEC. Our business permit is annually updated.


Contract Duration:

  • Our standard contract is 6 months, and you can continue without extra fees if both parties agree.


Types of Maids:

  • We offer All Around Maids, Yayas for child care, and Oldsitters for elderly care.


Salary Information:

  • Our maids are paid above the minimum wage set by DOLE, with salaries varying between households.


Documents and Clearances:

  • We provide information sheets, NBI Clearances, Police Clearances, and medical results, including COVID-19 tests.


Background Checks:

  • We conduct thorough background checks, verifying personal information.


Maid Sourcing:

  • Most applicants come from Metro Manila and the greater Metro Manila area, with some from the provinces.


Office Visit:

  • You can visit our office at Unit 203, Casa Malvar Bldg., Gen. Malvar St., Malate, Manila. You may type on Waze or Google for directions.


Remote Interviews:

  • We offer remote interviews via phone or video call for your convenience.


Replacements and Refunds:

  • We provide replacements and refunds per DOLE PEA guidelines. Please contact our Customer Service Representative for more information regarding this.


Legal Contracts:

  • Our contracts adhere to RA 10361 and DOLE PEA Guidelines.


Safety and Vigilance:

  • While we screen helpers, we can't guarantee their actions. Stay vigilant, especially with new help.



  • We offer a Pre Work Orientation, covering work responsibilities, dos and don'ts, and dispute resolution.


Contract Renewal:

  • No extra fees for continuing beyond the initial 6 months.


Agency Fee for New Maid:

  • A new contract requires an agency fee payment.


Early Termination:

  • Early termination has specific payment details, per DOLE PEA Guidelines.


Hiring Process:

  • Hire in 3 easy steps: Call us, interview applicants, and hire your maid, who can be with you on the same day.


Transportation Cost:

  • Transportation costs are covered by the employer, per DOLE PEA Guidelines. These costs cannot be charged against your maids.


COVID-19 Testing:

  • All applicants undergo mandatory COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests for safety.


Replacement Fees:

  • Replacement fees are specified in your employment contract.

Business Hours:

  • We're open Mon-Fri 9 AM to 5 PM, Sat 9 AM to 4 PM, and often on holidays.

DOLE Registered:

  • We're registered with the Department of Labor and Employment with PEA License No. M-22-01-012.

Ready to Hire?

  • Contact us at 09982561885, 09688776243, or (02) 8650-2453.

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