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Types of Maid Day Offs now that the pandemic is improving!

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

As of writing, the 7 day average of COVID-19 infections for the country is around 1,300, malls have open up to children and the elderly here in Metro Manila, and face shields are no longer a thing.

You might have experienced going out already for leisure with family or with friends but your helpers are most probably still at home, observing strict protocols against the virus.

We are sharing this because what we ultimately would want to avoid is for our maids, whom we are invested in, to leave us when everything is turning out for the better!

Here are actual day off setups for a win win setup between employers and their beloved maids. As a pre requisite to this, everyone at home should be vaccinated for this to work.

  1. Once a month day off that has an option for the maid to be tested once they return. For this case, maids are allowed to leave for up to 48 hours. In this setup, maids have ample time for family or for themselves and would come back feeling refreshed after all that indoor stay during the height of the pandemic. Testing expense maybe shouldered by employers, or they can half with their maids.

  2. Day offs are accumulated for a couple of months, e.g. 4 days off after 2 months with an option again for testing once the maids return. In this scenario, employers can negotiate the number of days off and the months. This can certainly give your maids something to look forward to. Testing fees again can be shouldered by employers or they can half with their maids.

  3. Two week vacation after 6 months. This setup is popular among employers but not with the maids. Be weary about this option since maids may not come back for work. To ensure a safe return to work, employers may pay for the return trip expense. It would also be great if employers shouldered the testing when they return for everyone's safety.

*for all setups, returning maids should observe minimum health protocols at their employer's residence for at least 7 days

Everyone should be happy with any of this day off setup as long as both parties agree to it. An advice though to employers, get a feel of what your maid really wants so that they would still choose to work for you.

During this time when the economy is opening up and infection rates are going down, it is always best to stay vigilant but at the same time, be considerate of our helpers at home. If they see you going out and enjoying already, this might send a wrong signal to them especially if you are still strict with them.

For the sake of saving relationships built during the pandemic, let's negotiate day offs as soon as today so our beloved yayas won't think about leaving our families.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. - Anne Lamott


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