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How to make your maids stay longer...

Tired of maids that keep on leaving you? We'll share 7 practical tips to make your beloved helpers stay longer.


Your maids are there to help you with what you want, so don't hesitate to tell them.

6am - Walk the dog

7am - Breakfast

9am - Fix the bedrooms

10am - Laundry..

A list of specific things you want, things you would want them to do on a daily basis, and all other things that need to be listed, will surely help your maid in being successful at her work. E.g., Daily schedule, grocery list, etc.!


When dealing with your maid is to tell them exactly what you want.

"I want 2 soft boiled eggs, a slice of toasted wheat bread, black coffee with a teaspoon of sugar, and a glass of orange juice for breakfast on weekdays."

"Clean the bedroom - take out cobwebs, wipe walls and windows, fix the bed, return stuff where they should be, and sweep the floor (even underneath the furniture)"

Telling your helper how she should do things will save you from heartache. Trust us.


Only applies to those maids with potential for growth!

Bear in mind that majority of our maids didn't specifically train for this kind of livelihood. Therefore it is our moral obligation to help them become better and treat them accordingly. Obviously for those who are not worthy of your patience, have a LIMIT and spare yourself from further agony by letting them go. Please be civil in doing so because we don't want disgruntled former employees getting back at us.


Treat your helpers like they were from the food service industry - with RESPECT. You have more to lose if you malign them.

When you are so mad think of this before you send it to oblivion.. She can steal or destroy your property when you leave for work. She can do something bad to your kids. She can do anything when she isn't thinking right.

In short, never cross the line unless you are prepared to let go of them already. On the bright side, if you treat them with respect and dignity, they might even exceed your expectations.


Finally found the one and you want her to stay longer?

Promise them growth and growth can be the following: 1. Salary Increase (every six months or yearly until her rate is at par with the going rate in the metro or slightly higher) 2. Beauty Allowance (include their hygiene needs in the monthly grocery list, a free haircut once every two months) 3. Vacation Leave (a week or two, you could pay half or the whole transportation cost, make sure that there is a return trip!) Let them experience new things, bring them along family vacations. The list can go on as long as you value their well-being. When they are happy with you, they will definitely stay longer. Make them see the big picture if they are worth it. In the end, you have more to benefit when your household is in order.


Didn't give their salary on time? Took back a day off on short notice? Forgot to give their 13th month?

This surely is unacceptable if it happened to you. Not keeping your word is a sign of disrespect. "An honest mistake" you might say, but these things add up and may lead to losing your beloved maid. Be sincere, be honest and apologize. Make it up to them if these things happen in your household. Don't panic, always be composed in times of crisis. What is important is to make them feel that you keep them in mind as well despite your shortcomings. Deal with money and promises maturely, like an adult, for everyone's sake. By doing this, you will be surprised how it can improve, not only your relationship with your helpers but with others as well.


You are their employer but you can also be their friend. Being able to wear different hats at home can create a meaningful work environment for your helpers.

Failing to do so would only result in the following:

If you are the type who is all professional and doesn’t interact with the help at the slightest, don’t expect them to stay longer than needed.

If you are the one who befriends all of your help and maintains a casual relationship with them, expect them to disappoint you the most.

Unless you're a public figure who by chance is idolized by their helpers; their admiration, trust and respect should be earned so as to make them stay longer.

This is a tall order for you but if you manage to work it right, you are in for a treat because happy household helpers, not only contribute to a happy home but they will stick with you for longer!

In Summary..

To wrap it all up, employers who are straight to the point, responsible, reasonable and more importantly, have empathy towards their help, will surely win the hearts of their household help. And when you have their hearts, they would surely stay longer than usual.

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