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Our current maids have been with us for more than a year now.

We don't know if it's because of the pandemic but we know that we made a conscious effort in improving our relationship with our current helpers so they would feel like family.

As a background, the maids before them only stayed for almost a year. Usual reasons for leaving are their love life, going back home and some didn't get along with the grandparents.

My husband and I are also working, with my mom and 4 year old at home that is within our family compound. I am quite meticulous when it comes to our affairs at home while my husband is practical and laid back. We help each other though in managing our home.

Our current maids are younger than us and before them were a mix of older and younger helpers. The ones that didn't get along with the grandparents were the older maids while the younger ones always had issues with their love life. In our experience, younger maids can adjust better especially if you are not too hard on them.

Sharing our current family setup which we believe made our maids stay longer than 6 months:

  1. We share the same meals and we all eat together on weekends.

  2. We buy them pasalubongs whenever we can and their snacks and toiletries are included in our grocery list.

  3. We bring them most of the time when we go out for leisure and family outings.

  4. We gave them 13th month pay and their salary are at par with the average agency salary rate.

  5. We promised to give them increases and we have kept our word on it.

  6. We buy them thoughtful gifts on their birthdays and Christmas.

  7. We casually talk and joke around with them, once in a while.

  8. Before donating our old stuff, we have them get the ones they like or the things they would want to give to their own families.

  9. We made them register in our barangay and helped them with other benefits they can get from being a part of our city.

  10. We always include them when we plan future events.

  11. Responsibilities and duties at home are clear.

  12. They have access to our Wi-Fi.

  13. If they get sick, we help them get better right away with proper check up, medicine and rest.

  14. We also help them whenever we can with house chores.

  15. We will also spend for their airfare - return trip, if they go on a long vacation, 2 weeks to be exact, after this pandemic. This is what we did with the previous batch which worked because they returned for work.

So far, these have been received well. We feel that our current helpers are happy with us and we do hope our relationship will last for more years to come.

As our family grows, we want them to feel the growth we're experiencing as well. That is why as part of our family, they are part of our decision making.

Our thought process on this is that we should do our best to make our relationship work because finding and training new help is harder especially during this pandemic.

Love + Trust + Honesty = Long Lasting Relationship


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