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To give a Day Off or Not during COVID-19?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

There seems to be no end to this pandemic. As of writing, Greater Metro Manila has returned to Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine or better known as MECQ.

With a 100 thousand plus reported cases since the virus broke out, the Filipino family has been struggling to get back on its feet.

The situation is so bad that employees are getting pay cuts, or worse, laid off, businesses are shutting down, and our economy has finally entered into a recession.

With the outside world seemingly crumbling, anxious people should find peace of mind at home..

But how can we, if our dear helpers are pleading to get a day off to see family? New maids are still requesting to get an off during this uncertainty?

Being in the maid industry, we would like to share some piece of advice to help guide you and your family through this infirmity when communicating with the maid.

  • State the facts and be reasonable. At this time, we can't assume that our helpers are well aware of what's happening. Maybe they are and maybe they really can't grasp the reality. Knowledge is power but at the same time, ignorance is bliss. A good employer can't second guess so let's lay down the facts and make things clear.

  • Negotiate the non-negotiable - Day Offs. As much as we want to dictate everything at this time, its best to get them on the bandwagon so they won't feel suffocated. Remember, a maid who feels that they can't breathe, will definitely leave once things settle, or worse, when you least expect it.

  • Still feeling awkward with the help? Give them a day off by themselves in their rooms. If you can afford a day without help, let them take it easy at least once or twice a month. If you're at home, this should not be a problem!

  • Whatever situation you find yourself during this pandemic, every employer should do their best in retaining their helpers. Aside from it being practical, this is for the best interest of everyone involved. We can't take chances now that the virus is just around the corner.

  • If all else fails, let them go. Then start looking for a helper that will agree to being tested for COVID-19 before entering your household.

  • Don't know where to look? Give us a call,, and we might just be able to find you that reliable maid you've been looking for all your life.

To summarise, there shouldn't be day offs during this time. This is too risky. But if you can afford to have your helpers tested every time they come and go, why not? Just remember that tests aren't 100 percent!

To be extremely cautious about it, it would be best to observe preventive measures at home. You read that right, at HOME. Social distancing, wearing of face masks and face shields, and frequent washing of hands with soap can drastically reduce our chances of getting infected especially when there are new people going about at home.

You can never be too safe Fam! Everyone is counting on you. Let us be part of the solution so we can literally help everyone get back on their feet.

"Carefulness costs you nothing. Carelessness may cost you your life."

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