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Things to do when your new Maid or Yaya arrives!

Just hired a maid and are you expecting them to arrive today? Follow these simple steps to ensure a good impression that will hopefully benefit your family with a maid that will last a lifetime!

STEP 1: Let them get comfortable at home!

Lead them to their quarters and ask them to freshen up or even to take a bath! Nothing beats feeling fresh on your first day at work. This will certainly help them focus for the next steps. Also, by doing this, you're keeping your chances of getting any virus at home, low. Better safe than sorry!

STEP 2: Brief them on your ground rules.

Level with them by sitting down with them before discussing your house rules. Hopefully everything you will say is just a reminder of everything you have discussed during your first interview with them. Don't make it a monologue! Ask them for clarifications and make them feel that it's okay to ask you for anything. By doing this, we avoid letting them commit mistakes because they assumed this or that.

Communication is key for a successful household. If they can keep your home in order, then you can focus on other important stuff like family and work!

STEP 3: Give them their schedule of work.

This is important so that everyone is on the same page. If we do this, we can expect everyone to be productive on a daily basis. A friendly reminder though not to overdo it! Make sure to include breaks and to put it simply, make it realistic. An exercise to see if the schedule you made is feasible, try imagining that you are the one doing the tasks. Sounds real now? Good!

Keep in mind that they're new! So give them some slack and don't get tired of correcting or reminding them about anything at first. Practice makes perfect!

STEP 4: Welcome them to the family.

The best part - Introduce them around so they will feel like family! Before this though, brief your entire household to be friendly when introduced to the new maid or yaya. A good working relationship at home will help your maids work better and stay longer. Don't forget that folks!

First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. - Elliot Abrams


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