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If you've guessed December, then you are totally right!

Fewer maids towards December

December definitely is the hardest month and can be a challenging time to hire maids for one primary reason: the holiday season. Many of us host gatherings, parties, or family events, and our maids and yayas are no exception. This is why the majority, about eight out of ten maids, choose to take time off during December for their own holiday celebrations or to spend time with their families.

We know this from years of experience in the maid industry. The holiday season covers Christmas and New Year, and as we all know, preparations for these festivities begin weeks, if not a month, in advance for a more joyous celebration. Just like us employers, our Kasambahays follow a similar pattern.

For maid agencies like us, the usual trend is that towards the end of November, the number of maid and yaya applicants drastically drops. However, come January, they all come flocking to apply for work again for the new year. We've witnessed this pattern time and time again.

Why share this information with the public?

We aim to help employers make informed decisions during this time of the month.

For those who have hired maids or yayas from agencies and are considering replacements, we advise you to consider holding onto your helpers for the meantime. If it's safe and manageable for you to retain your current Kasambahay, please do so. Don't lose hope though, because the new year brings new opportunities for your household.

“It seems like everything sleeps in winter, but it’s really a time of renewal and reflection.” – Elizabeth Camden

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