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4 MAJOR CONSIDERATIONS before getting a Maid

Thinking of hiring a Maid or Yaya? Well it's not just as easy as calling, interviewing, and hiring, as we thought. We should also think about these 4 major considerations before getting a maid or before you call your trusted local maid agency for a Kasambahay.

stop and observe this 4 considerations
4 major considerations before getting a maid

1. SALARY and ADVANCES - How much salary can we afford on a monthly basis. Also, how much in cash advances can we give during employment. These things are important so our maids will feel financially secure during their tenure with us. Failing to pay salaries on time, or giving cash advances in times of their emergency, may lead to them quitting, running away or worse, theft.

2. ACCOMMODATION - Our maids and yayas' place of rest and privacy is an important consideration nowadays. We have seen that when employers can't provide for this, they find it difficult to hire a maid. So if you are considering building, buying, or renting space for your family, make sure that you have a maids' room as well.

3. Increase in GROCERY - Since we are hiring people at home, we should also take into account their food and personal needs. According to law, maids are entitled to 3 adequate meals a day and with this in mind, we encourage employers to feed their maids properly so they can work properly. Remember, our energy to work comes from the food we eat.

4. SECURITY - Since the pandemic is no longer an issue, parents have started returning to work and the work from home setup is no longer the norm. Parents may find that it's just their kids with maids or only their maids who are at home, at times. Taking this into consideration, security is paramount to avoid problems in the future. Investing on safes for your valuables and CCTVs to deter wrongdoers is very important.

In summary, these considerations are based on years of experience in the maid industry. Do you agree with our 4 Major Considerations before getting a Maid? Let us know your thoughts on the comments section. We will greatly appreciate it!

Sharing these with employers so finding help and having peace of mind will be as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

Now if you have crossed these items off of your list, then it's time to hire that much need maid and yaya for your home! We wish you well!

"A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference." - A. A. Milne

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