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Read this before you hire a Maid/Yaya this 2023!

We hope that this new year brings hope to your family because we can finally start the year right and work towards our dreams. Considering the new normal and a little bit of help at home, we know that you'll do great!

That is why before you get help at home, we have put together this list of things that we believe you need to know so you will be more efficient and effective in hiring your new maid.

1. Types of maids:

All Around Maid - a maid who cleans, cooks, does the laundry and even irons clothes.

Yaya - a maid who takes care of a kid and everything related to the kid - food, clothes, etc.

Yaya/All Around Maids - a maid who can be an All Around Maid and a Yaya but they command higher salaries but are less efficient because of more work.

Oldsitter - a maid who has experience in dealing with the elderly and sometimes PWDs (not certified caregivers)

2. Make sure to have your new maids go through basic medical screening to avoid bringing disease or illness into your home.

3. A COVID-19 Antigen test today is more for peace of mind as long as everyone in the household, including your incoming maid, is vaccinated and boosted from COVID-19. You can verify these through vaccination cards.

4. If you will be hiring direct, make sure to do your background check. Verifying information by calling references or checking their socials can increase your success of hiring a good maid.

5. Asking for an updated Barangay clearance, Police clearance and/or an NBI clearance is a good start in screening a new maid for your home.

6. Exhaust your referrals first before considering hiring from a local maid agency.

7. If you will be hiring from a local maid agency, make sure to verify their license from the Department of Labor and Employement's (DOLE) Private Employment Agency (PEA) Department.

8. Paying a legitimate maid agency is still better than being scammed by your hard-earned money. Check online reviews and maid forums to help you decide better.

We wish you all the best in your search for good and hardworking Maids and Yayas. We hope you will find one that you will treat like family!

"I would encourage you: be informed - knowledge is power." - Matt Bevin

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