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(UPDATED) Read this before you hire a Maid/Yaya this 2024!

Updated: Feb 22

As we embark on the journey of 2024, we extend our warmest wishes for a year filled with hope and opportunities for your family.

Before you hire a maid/yaya this 2024

In these evolving times, we understand the importance of having a supportive environment at home, and hiring the right help can contribute significantly to achieving your dreams.

To assist you in making informed decisions, we've compiled a list of considerations before you hire a maid/yaya this 2024.

Types of Maids you can hire

  • All-Around Maid: Beyond cleaning and cooking, they may also assist with tasks like laundry and ironing.

  • Yaya (Childcare Provider): Specializes in taking care of children and related responsibilities.

  • Yaya/All-Around Maids: Versatile individuals capable of both childcare and general household tasks, though they may demand higher salaries due to increased workload.

  • Oldsitters: Specializes in taking care of the elderly or those who have special needs, and their related responsibilities. These helpers aren't certified or did not go through special training but rely on experience.

Health Screening Protocols

  • Prioritize basic medical screenings to ensure the safety of your household.

  • Given the ongoing health concerns, a comprehensive health check is essential for new hires. We suggest to screen for contagious diseases like Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, COVID-19, and the like, for starters.

COVID-19 Considerations

  • For peace of mind, conduct a COVID-19 antigen test, especially if everyone in the household, including the new hire, is vaccinated and boosted. Verify vaccination status through official documentation.

Thorough Background Checks

  • If opting for direct hiring, before you hire a maid/yaya, conduct a meticulous background check by contacting references and reviewing social profiles.

  • Request an updated Barangay clearance, Police clearance, and/or NBI clearance for additional screening.

Referrals First

  • Leverage personal referrals before exploring options from local maid agencies. Trustworthy recommendations can be invaluable.

Verification of Maid Agency Credentials

  • When hiring through a local maid agency, verify their license with the Department of Labor and Employment's Private Employment Agency (DOLE PEA) Department. Check link below for the list of licensed maid agencies:

  • Before you hire a maid/yaya, make sure your agency has an updated business permit (Mayor's permit) so if there will be disputes moving forward, you can easily report them to the proper authorities.

Legitimate Agencies Matter

  • Prioritize legitimate maid agencies to avoid scams. Research online reviews and consult maid forums for insights into agency reputation and reliability.

In your search for reliable maids and yayas, we wish you success in finding helpers who will be a part of your family. May this year bring not only good help but also joy and prosperity to your household.

"I would encourage you: be informed - knowledge is power." - Matt Bevin

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