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5 things to check, to know if your local maid agency is legit!

Summer will be done before we know it and you might be looking for maids and yayas again this mid year to prepare for the second half of 2023. Posting a short blog to remind everyone how you can do your due diligence before hiring from a local maid agency you most probably found online. No need to say thanks!

Double check your maid agency.
Double check maid agencies.

Before paying or when you inquire, first ask for these documents!

1. DTI or SEC Registration - DTI means that the agency is owned by a sole proprietor while SEC means they are a corporation. The front page will suffice and be sure to take note of the company name!

2. Business Permit - check the year of the permit, owner's and company name, and office address. A valid permit reflects the current year. Everything good so far?

3. BIR Certificate of Registration (COR) - even the notice of the "ASK FOR RECEIPT" will do because you'll see their company Tax Identification Number (TIN).

4. DOLE Private Employment Agency (PEA) License - you'll see the company name, office address, license number, and, most importantly, the validity period of their license. Are they still valid?

5. Sample Original Receipt (OR) - the company name, address, and TIN should all be the same as the previous documents. Don't forget to ask for one when you pay your agency!

If there are details that don't match or add up, that is already a RED FLAG. Better call up the responsible agencies to verify further or even better, deal with another local maid agency instead for your safety.

Why is this important? Because this will be the difference if you can claim guarantees later on. Guarantees on the fees paid are there to protect employers from maids or maid agencies just in case there are disputes. And trust us when we say, Kasambahays or maid agencies may fail you because no one is perfect.

So if you fail to do your due diligence and deal with a fly-by-night maid agency, you will surely find it hard to claim guarantees if they fail, and your hard earned money is as good as lost.

On the other hand, if legit maid agencies fail you, you may go to the proper authorities like DOLE to settle your complaints.

"Waste neither time nor money, but make the best use of both." - Benjamin Franklin

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