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Not giving your maid the agency rate for salaries?

One of the most common reasons why helpers leave their employers is because their pay is small. We know that the current minimum monthly wage as of writing is Php 5,000 here in Metro Manila but the usual rates for all around maids and yayas at maid agencies are higher than this.

Usually, when our maids come from the province or are from referrals, we can hire at a similar rate. But once they are working already, chances are, they can learn about the agency rate from other helpers or from your local tabloid if not on social media. When this happens, they would leave you as soon as they are in need, financially.

This is what we would want to avoid. There is nothing wrong with giving a salary lower than the agency rate, but eventually, for your help to stay longer, they should feel growth. And by this we mean growth in salary. There are many ways to do this, like small increases every 3 or 6 months until their salary is at par with the agency rate, or yearly increase, among others. Bottomline, the promise of growth will make them stay longer.

We understand that not everyone can accommodate higher salaries but we can do away with this if we give other benefits that would interest them, like more day offs, family loans, educational assistance, etc. This is no guarantee but this can help in making them stay.

Here at, we make sure our rates are at par with the majority of our peers. We do this so our maids won't look for higher pay as a Kasambahay elsewhere. In our experience, we used to deploy at a lower rate and when it came to our guarantees, we found it hard to replace and this resulted in refunds. To conclude, it is more convenient for all parties if the rates were all the same in the long run.

So this new year, if your beloved household help has been great at work and is still paid lower than the agency rate, give them a small increase if not the whole rate. Good help during this pandemic is rare and if you have one, reward them. We need to retain all the help we can so we can make up for lost productivity this 2021!

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” - Maya Angelou


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