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December 2022 Holidays, With or Without your Maids?

2022 is coming to an end and the holidays are fast approaching. We hope the year, despite COVID-19, gas price hikes and a looming recession abroad, has been good to you and your family!

With this in mind, our helpers, whether they have been with you since the pandemic or are fairly new, might be thinking of spending the holidays with their own families. While this is nice, you might be caught in a pickle since you have your own family plans as well. Time to plan ahead so things will go smoothly for everyone this December of 2022.

If you have plans and they include your beloved helpers, we believe that it is best to talk to them about this today, a month in advance. Failing to plan, as they say, is planning to fail. And as much as we want to set everything in stone, it’s best to negotiate early.

So if you have plans with the maids this Christmas or New Year break, best to answer these questions first:

Is having no helpers this holiday a no deal?

Are you in need of them for both Christmas and New Year?

Are you willing to let them go on earlier or later dates so they can also enjoy family time this year end?

If your answers are yes to all of these, then it is time to strike a deal with your loyal helpers on when they can spend time with their families. This maybe before, in between or even after our holidays! What's important is that they can spend time with their loved ones.

Now if you have answered no to some of the questions a while ago, then we’re sure you’ll be the best employer in their eyes when you allow your maids and yayas to take the time off during these special occasions.

A healthy and long lasting relationship with our maids really includes generosity and kindness.

We all have been blessed to reach this point of the year after everything that has happened and this coming holidays can be an opportunity to give back!

"To give and not to count the cost..." - St. Ignatius of Loyola


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