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Affordable Covid-19 preventive measures for your household!

Now that we have shifted to general community quarantine here in Metro Manila, people are already busy moving to pick up the pieces left during the enhanced community quarantine. With this, the chances of getting infected with Covid-19 are high. We've listed basic essentials your household can buy and do at home to stop the spread of this deadly disease.


Handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds removes germs like viruses from hands. This also helps prevent the spread of any disease because people frequently touch their eyes, nose, and mouth, an entry point for the virus, without even realizing it! A box of 6 bars would cost less than Php 300.


At least 60% alcohol is best for sanitizing however, if hands are visibly dirty, always wash hands with soap and water. This is also great to carry with you especially when you are on the road and can't wash as often as you want. A gallon will set you back around Php 400 to 700.


These can protect you and people around you if you observe a social distance of at least 1 meter apart, if you clean your hands frequently and thoroughly, and you avoid touching your face and mask. Make sure to wash them at least once a day with hot water and soap or detergent. A piece would cost more or less, Php 50.


Eyes should be protected since, like the nose and mouth, they are mucous membranes where germs like viruses can infect. Safety goggles are preferred since it gives the eyes better protection than glasses. Market price for these are around Php 100 to 200 a piece.


Door mats that serve as foot baths are effective in keeping germs from coming inside your home. These mats work by letting your soles soak in disinfecting solution before you enter. They come in different variants that cost Php 500 to 1,500.


Make your own disinfecting solution with 2 tablespoons of bleach for every liter of water. Remember that it takes 10 minutes upon contact to disinfect. Also, don't forget that this solution is only potent for a day. So once you make a solution, make sure to disinfect as much as possible, everywhere at home. A gallon would cost less than Php 200.


Before letting people in your home, like new or returning maids, consider having them tested for Covid-19 via rapid test. A lot of reliable diagnostic centers provide this service and can give results within an hour. Rapid tests should not cost you more than Php 2,000 with clearance signed by a medical doctor.

Prevention is better than cure. - Desiderius Erasmus

Looking for maids and yayas during this pandemic?

Get from an established maid agency who provides helpers that have been screened properly, and more importantly, have been tested for Covid-19.

Here at, we provide contractual maids that have the necessary documents for employment like NBI and Police Clearance, to their medical results, Chest X-ray and Blood test, among others. We also, have our applicants go through Covid-19 rapid testing before anything else.


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