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4 tips to beat that summer heat with your maids!

Summer is finally here in the Philippines and with it, extreme heat! Enjoy summer 2023 with help from our beloved maids and yayas. Excited to share 4 tips for the household so we can all beat that summer heat!

1. Clear away clutter! Clutter is not only a sight for sore eyes but it also contributes to the hot feeling at home. Cool air won't travel freely at home if there's mess, left and right. So with our trusted kasambahays, it's time to get organized and clean! Once you've packed away all that mess, a clean and clutter free home can instantly feel comfy and cool.

2. Clean electric fans and filters of airconditioners! Have you checked your hardworking electric fans lately? If they are dirty they might give out soon especially this time when they are used the most. Avoid unnecessary expense and clean them while they're still working. While you're at it, have all your fans cleaned. This should be regularly done at least once or twice a month by our reliable maids. That goes the same for our aircons. Filters should be cleaned weekly and professional cleaning done every 3 months or so to keep them in good working condition.

3. Prepare cool drinks, snacks and desserts! Store your favorite drinks inside your refrigerators, make sure you have sufficient ice in the freezer, and have enough drinking water for everyone, all the time. In addition, make sure to have your yayas prepare snacks and desserts like ice creams, refrigerator cakes, fruit shakes, and more, made available, anytime of the day. Your family will surely thank you for this!

4. Pack those swimwears for your next beach vacation! Spontaneous or not, we should all be prepared for a family beach trip especially during summer! This for sure will be a core memory for your kids so have your kasambahays fix this and have them prepare their stuff as well because we're all gonna enjoy this summer with a dip in the beach!

We hope that these tips would contribute to a memorable summer for you and your family. Remember that our maids and yayas can help us achieve this in every step of the way. And just in case things don't pan out as expected, sharing with you a great quote down below! Happy summer!

"When all else fails, take a vacation." -Betty Williams

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