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Suffering from Parental Burnout? Get a Maid!

In this pandemic, more parents find themselves working from home as a safety measure by their own initiative or by their companies. And as a means to be economical during these tough times, some parents take on the responsibility of house work because it just makes sense when they are just at home.

But instead of managing family time, house work and work better, some are overwhelmed by their own expectations!

First of all, signs of Parental Burnout are the following:

  • If you find yourself easily getting angry at your kids or even at your husband for petty mistakes at home.

  • If you are wishing for drastic change from your current situation.

  • If you are always feeling tired from all the responsibilities you have.

  • If you are not having any time for yourself because of all the responsibilities you have at home.

These are just some signs and if you are experiencing this and resenting your situation, you most probably are suffering from a burnout!

Our suggestion to improve your situation are the following:

  • Follow a fixed schedule at home. Just like how we did things when we went to the office, find your own office space at home and work there at a given time. Family time can then be during breaks and after work. Make this clear with everyone at home so they can respect your work time.

  • Have some time off for yourself as well and include it in your schedule. This time may be used for exercising, walking or running, reading a book or watching a movie! Do whatever it takes to improve your mental and physical well being.

  • Lastly, delegate house work if you have children who are able to do them or a partner who has free time. Just in case your kids are still young and your partner is as busy as you, get a helper! Maids will take a lot from your plate and will make things easier. The added expense will be worth it.

When hiring help, make sure to do your due diligence when it is a referral. If you will be going through a maid agency, be sure to get from a legitimate and reputable maid agency so you can have peace of mind!

It is never too late for change. You can still make things work. Pray, take a break and then take action. Good luck hardworking parents!

“Burnout can be prevented with proper self-care and a supportive environment.” - Asa Don Brown


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