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3 things you shouldn't sweat about (around your maids)

We all have the tendency to get into the nitty gritty of stuff and sometimes the stress it creates is not really worth the health hazards it brings. We all fall victims to this especially us parents at home and even more so when it comes to our children!

How things are done - there's this billionaire who once said, tell someone what you want and let them show you how they'll do it. This isn't verbatim but this is the essence of what he wanted to say. We would want to believe the same as well when we instruct our maids of what we want them to do. But sometimes, we tend to micromanage stuff especially now that most of us are just at home. In a way, communication is key to getting the message across but if you keep on instructing and it feels like nagging, there might be something wrong with your system already. Many would say that it might really be the fault of the maid for not getting it but we should remember that our kasambahays aren't professionals. So in case you ended up with a maid who's not able to keep up with you, change them. This is easier if you got them from a maid agency by the way.

Food - we have heard the issue of food as one of the reasons why applicants don't stay long enough with their employers. Giving leftovers to feeding helpers with the same canned goods everyday or even rationing food as if it was the great depression, well it may feel like this for others because of the pandemic, but we should understand that it is our responsibility as employers to give 3 adequate meals a day to our maids and yayas. They are entitled to this under law (Domestic Workers Act aka Batas Kasambahay). Also, if you would want them to work better, you need to feed them better. Think of it this way, would you be able to manual labor the whole morning if you only had coffee for breakfast? So if you want your helpers to work better, feed them right - food that you'd also eat. Just in case they still don't function well after this, remember not to sweat about it and just have them replaced.

Days Off/ Rest Days - this is a tricky one because of the pandemic. Most employers right now are opting for rest days at their residence instead of having their kasambahays go out for their day offs. Just to refresh everyone about this topic, under our law, our maids and yayas are entitled to once a week day off. The common practice before the pandemic is letting them go at least twice a month. So if you have health protocols you'd like to follow at home that would not allow helpers to leave, let them rest instead, if not, pay them for work done on supposed rest days. Make this clear from day one when you're hiring or for your current helpers, update them so they know. Oh and before this, make sure everyone at home is vaccinated and boosted, including your helpers. This is the first step to staying safe from the dreaded COVID-19.

February is turning out for the better, hopefully. That is why it is important to focus all our energy on the important stuff like work and family, and how we will get back again on our feet for the nth time from this pandemic.

Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things. - George Carlin

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