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4 things to do so your maids will finish their contracts!

Among the many things we can think of so you can make things work with you and your maid, we've listed our top 4 practical things to do to make getting from a maid agency, worth your money. Mind you, this does not entail breaking the bank.

Number 1

Be pleasant around them. Assuming that we're all busy with work nowadays and we just let our maids do their work, whenever you cross paths with them, don't shy away from asking them how their day is, a simple "Kamusta kayo?" with a smile of course, would do the job. This kind gesture will surely lift anyone's spirit.

On the other hand, no matter how bad your day is, never vent out on your maids. Mindless talk and harsh criticism will only create resentment and anguish.

Number 2

Create a connection by learning more about them. Before asking them to do something for you, it's good to have some small chitchat. Nothing beats showing interest in others in making them feel special. It will only take a couple of minutes but those minutes can mean a lot especially to your household helpers. A regular conversation about their interests and family can already create a connection worth staying for.

Bringing up the small details from your previous conversations whenever you talk to them will make them feel special even more since you made an effort to keep tabs about them.

Number 3

Make them feel your appreciation if they did a good job. If you see their hard work, whether it be small or big, gifts of any size will surely be welcomed and they will be grateful for it. Some great gift ideas can be food like sweets, cake or doughnuts to share. A gift that they can use for themselves would also be a pleasant surprise. Remember, gifts need not be expensive but they should be thoughtful!

Your appreciation should also be felt during their birthdays and Christmas since this is the time when you can really thank them for all their service to you and your family.

Number 4

Keep your word. If you do, then they will learn to trust you. If they trust you, they will work better for you. Examples of this are; observing rest days as previously agreed on, giving their pay on time, giving them their 13th month, letting them eat and rest on time, giving them a raise like you said when you were still interviewing them, etc.

If you're looking for things to honor, check your contracts and see if you're a contract-abiding employer.

The effort you'll make towards creating a better relationship with your household will bring stability at home. This is what we currently need at the moment so we can take care of other pressing matters like getting back on our feet during this new normal.

“… a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn into a glorious success.” – Elbert Hubbard

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Apr 11, 2022

Hello po! Good morning.. Ask klng po, after po NG contract Myron po bang makuha NG 13 month pay?

Apr 27, 2022
Replying to

Hello po! Basta naka 1 buwan na kayo sa employer, dapat may makuha na kayong prorated 13th month. So kung nakatapos kayo ng kontrata na 6 months, kalahati po ng sweldo ninyo ang 13th month na dapat niyong makuha!

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