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Common allowances you can give so your maids would enjoy working for you!

One of our readers asked if we can write an article on allowances that can be given to their household so here we go!

First of all, allowances are given in addition to the salary of our helpers. Common allowances given are the following:

Food allowance - this is given if employers don't let their helpers eat the same food as they do. It can also be for maids who have a specific diet. Or, this can also work like snack allocation. Employers usually give this by adding their maid's food request in the grocery list.

Toiletry allowance - an allowance given for toiletries such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, among others. Again, employers usually just add their maid's toiletry list in the grocery list.

Cellphone load allowance - this is given in case the helpers aren't connected to the wifi. Take note that this may mean a lot to helpers since in their idle time, you usually find them using their phones.

Clothing allowance - there are 2 kinds of this. One is for maid uniforms which some employers shoulder so their maids won't worry about this work related expense. The second is for maids that are not obliged to wear uniforms but are asked to look pleasant. This allowance usually covers footwear as well.

Travel allowance - this is provided for those helpers who are going to go on vacation or for emergency leave, e.g. an immediate family member has passed, among others. Maids that have been working for years with their employer are usually given this. And this is usually given in the form of a two-way ticket aside from pocket money to ensure the return of their beloved maid.

Shopping allowance - this is given once or twice a year, on birthdays and even in Christmas wherein the goal of the employer is to make their helpers feel special and loved.

Beauty allowance - this is also given by employers who want their maids to look presentable and feel special at the same time. This is usually a trip to the salon.

Some of these allowances are usually considered as basic benefits from employers nowadays. They give this to make their helpers stay longer and feel happy about their work. This may also be considered an essential expense to having a long lasting working relationship.

If we think about it, it takes a lot of energy and time to train and build a trustworthy relationship with your helpers. So wouldn't it be practical to value them as much so your efforts won't be wasted?

“Never let the principle of what you believe in become more important than the person.” - Shannon L. Alder

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