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Is getting a replacement or refund from a maid agency normal?

As part of the maid agency industry, talking about replacements or refunds seem taboo. In reality, this is very much a part of the business and in fact, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has guidelines for Private Employment Agencies (PEA) regarding this.

But why does it feel wrong when it's supposed to be normal? Maybe because all of us, as employers, have expectations because of the service fees for these maid agencies. But since not all maids and maid agencies are the same, poor service leads to disappointment and backlash.

Sad as it is, we are here to manage everyone's expectations through our blog. And our topic, although seemingly controversial, can be managed as well.

To start, we should all remember that our maids and yayas are just like us, people who are prone to making mistakes.

Let that sink in for a moment because as employers, we might have neglected this fact.

What they are not, are professionals who have studied for their profession. We are lucky if we have maids or yayas who have graduated from college or even high school. In reality, majority if not all, barely made it out of school. With this in mind, a different point of view is a must to manage our expectations of them.

So if they make irrational decisions, we should not take it against them, but instead, help them make sound decisions instead because we are in the position to do so. Instead of vehement objections, why not try a calm and democratic approach? Remember that we sometimes do the same and that extra guidance we experienced during this time, was always welcome to improve our situation.

This point will therefore make us understand that, yes, it is normal to request such replacements or refund from our maid agencies because, really, not all maids and yayas think the same.

Second point, although no one is perfect, you should be protected by the guarantees of your maid agency.

Government has made efforts to regulate our industry and there are guidelines in place to protect each stakeholder.

That is, if you are dealing with a legitimate maid agency. So may this serve as a fair warning to those trying to skimp on fees and getting from unverified maid agencies. Those who are licensed by DOLE are worth in the end. That extra premium you pay for their services is like insurance for a world of uncertainty when dealing with helpers.

A legitimate maid agency's job, in essence, is to provide screened maids and yayas for you, to lessen the chances of failure, and give you a guarantee, which is required by DOLE.

So to circle back to our original question, "Is getting a replacement and refund from a maid agency normal? Yes, because of these two points.

As much as we want the that one helper to be perfect, it all boils down to how you deal with them in the end. If you want to work things out, do your best by trying different tricks so your maid would come to their senses. If you have had enough, get a replacement. If your agency fails to provide within the timeframe given by DOLE, get your refund.

Learn how to deal with these situations with ease and you'll be much better of mentally, physically, and financially. Being smart about this can help you gain more time on things that really matter like family and work.

“When something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.” - Jeff Bezos

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