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Best day for your maid's day off?

Day offs are usually taken on Sundays for most maids but we find this a little risky especially for families who observe work and school on weekdays and rest on weekends.

Why we say risky? Because there are still maids out there who find it difficult to return on the day expected. So to avoid this bad habit of some maids, we encourage employers to let them take their day off, 2 days before the work/school begins to leave ample time for them to return, mistakes considered.

So if you're like us, regular folks who have work and school on Mondays through Fridays, it's best to let your maids and yayas take an off on Saturday or even Friday night. In this regard, we can expect them to arrive the following day, plus, plus if ever they'll be late. If they are late, they still have until the evening to arrive. Just enough time so our new week isn't ruined.

If you're maid failed the first time, it's best to give them another shot at it so they can redeem themselves. Everyone deserves a second chance especially if they are sincere, use your better judgement for this!

Don't want to risk it anymore? Tell us why by commenting down below!

If you don't want to stress out, just ask your reliable maid agency for a replacement! This is a valid enough reason to get your maids replaced.

Our maids and yayas are supposed to be there to assist us so we can take care of more important matters in life, not the other way around.

Having a hard time getting a replacement with your agency? If after 30 days you haven't gotten a replacement, we know this is a long time, as per DOLE PEA Guidelines, you are now entitled to a percentage of your agency fee for those who are at the start of their contract.

More on DOLE PEA Guidelines by following this link -

So a friendly reminder to all employers out there, please get from a legitimate maid agency who has a reputation for keeping their word. Research, read reviews, and do your due diligence so your hard earned money won't be wasted.

Don't know of any? You can try us, and we will do our best to give you the service you deserve.

Leaving you with a powerful quote that does not only apply to our maids and yayas, but to all of us.

"Don't ever get too comfortable, you can be replaced." -unknown


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