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6 things we want you to know when hiring a maid this 2022!

The Filipino family is again being challenged by COVID-19 this start of the year with the Omicron variant, but we firmly believe that we will get through this as well. 2022 is still ours as long as we follow this list we have prepared when it comes to hiring helpers for your home.

  1. Get vaccinated! It's high time that everyone at home, even your helpers, should get booster shots already against COVID-19. If there are still people in your home who has not gotten their first dose or their booster shot yet, help them get it quick. The chances of having serious infections will greatly depend, whether or not, each household is vaccinated.

  2. Observe minimum health protocols at home especially when there is new help around. This means having everyone at home wear face masks, observe social distancing, and frequent hand washing or disinfecting. This should be done for the first few weeks to make sure that the bubble at home will be safe from the virus.

  3. Our maids are human and are capable of committing mistakes. They may have all the necessary requirements for employment like government clearances but we still strongly encourage that we stay vigilant at home. This means keeping your valuables safe and out of sight and avoiding tempting our helpers to commit mistakes. In the end, we can never be too safe.

  4. Maid day offs outside are avoided because of the pandemic but rest days at home should still be observed. Each family has their own safety measures but we advice employers to maintain at least twice a month rest days for your beloved helpers even if it is just observed in your residence so they wouldn't burn out. Training new maids is harder than maintaining the ones you already have.

  5. Don't get personal with y0ur maids. If you're having maid problems, contact us right away and just have them exchanged provided you are still within the guarantee period. We suggest to schedule an appointment with our office immediately so when you bring them over, your chances of getting a replacement maid after, are better.

  6. Be kind and patient with your helpers. The pandemic has caused all of us a great deal of stress and what we need now is kindness and understanding. Remember that our helpers are not professionals so having the patience in training them is a must. In the end, they will be the ones supporting you so you can reach your goals this 2022.

Now that everything is set, let's continue making our dreams come true!

Teamwork makes the dream work. - John Maxwell


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