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How we're getting our helpers vaccinated for COVID-19!

The benefits of getting vaccinated far outweigh the risk of getting infected by COVID-19. We should all get vaccinated, including our beloved helpers, for everyone's safety at home. We asked one of our clients who agrees with vaccination and they shared how they will go about this.

"Our maids, the ones we got from you (, have been with us since the lockdown and we have decided to get them vaccinated. It only makes sense to vaccinate everyone at home, including our helpers, then to risk one of us getting infected and seriously ill. One infection can affect our whole household for sure.

Since our helpers have been with us for almost a year, we have agreed to register them first at the Barangay as voters. We believe that if they are registered voters then they will be prioritized by the LGU once their group is allowed to be vaccinated. After we successfully register them, we will be applying for vaccination.

Right now, it is only our senior citizen at home who got vaccinated. Majority of everyone at home has no comorbidity so we haven’t received any shots yet. It is our hope that we get vaccinated soon including our helpers. Our maids are a part of our family and we want them to be protected from the dreaded virus as well.

Hope our plans encourage other employers since our helpers are usually the least thought of at home when it comes to getting vaccines. We are certain that our maids will find it difficult to get vaccinated since majority of them are residents from far away provinces. And we know now that the LGUs here in the metro are prioritizing their constituents.

Sa huli, wag po natin pabayaan ang mga taong nag-aasikaso rin sa atin."

We are thankful for employers who treat their helpers like family especially during this pandemic. If our helpers get sick, it affects everyone at home. So we invite everyone to be proactive about getting vaccinated so this won’t ever happen to us.

“This is not an act of charity, this is in all of our interest ... There is no safety without equity” - Hugh Evans, co-founder and CEO of Global Citizen


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