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Looking for screened Maids & Yayas with medical results?






(02) 8650-2453


For your peace of mind

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Who We Are: We're Manila's top local maid agency. We provide contractual household helpers with all the necessary employment documents, including contracts, government clearances, and medical certifications. We're a registered SEC corporation, licensed by DOLE for your peace of mind.


Our Vision: We aspire to be the leading housemaid agency in the country, offering quality and innovative services to both clients and maids.


Our Mission:

  • For Clients: We deliver quality and innovative maid agency services.

  • For Maids: We nurture pride and professionalism in their work.

  • For Employees: We create personal and professional growth opportunities.

  • For Partners: We build honest and reliable business relationships.

  • For the Community: We're a beacon of hope and opportunity.


Our Core Values:

  • Honesty & Truthfulness

  • Love for What You Do

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Treating Others with Concern

  • Fostering Teamwork

  • Delivering on Promises


Ready to Hire? Contact us at:

  • Call: 09982561885, 09688776243, (02) 8650-2453


Over the phone or online

0998-2561885 / 0968-8776243


0908-3767808 / 02 8650-2453

If you're looking for a maid, contact us here:

Unit 203 Casa Malvar Building, General Malvar Street, Barangay 695, Malate, Manila 1004

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