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What are the Different Kinds of Maids

There are different kinds of maids or household help! There are those who focus on single tasks like cleaning, being a gardener, to those all around-ers and more. For our blog, we will focus on common maids that are deployed in maid agencies. This is to help the Filipino family, especially those getting help for the first time from a maid agency, know the difference and find out what they need for their own homes.

All Around Maids are maids who can cook, clean, do the laundry and iron clothes. For cooking, this refers to basic Filipino dishes. This is the basic job description. Other household work such as watering plants, washing of cars, are not considered therefore these should be addressed during interviews if we will have them do such work. Salaries vary depending on the scope of their work.

Cooks are maids who focus on cooking and have the necessary certification for the cuisine they know. Other than cooking, they also take care of the kitchen and everything related to cooking such as doing the grocery among others. There are also All Around Maids who focus on cooking but their qualification is based on experience only. Salaries of Cooks are higher because of their certifications.

Yayas/Nannys are maids who take care of children and everything related to children such as their food, clothes, bedroom, etc. Classified into two, Newborn Yayas/Nannys take care of newborn babies, 0 days to less than 1 year old, and Regular Yayas/Nannys who takes care of toddlers, 1 year old and up. Salaries of Newborn Yayas/Nannys are higher the Regular Yayas/Nannys because of the expertise needed in taking care of newborn babies.

Oldsitters are maids who take care of the elderly and even those with special needs. They also take care of everything related to the one being taken cared of, like their food, clothes, medicine, bedroom, among others. Oldsitters charge less than Caregivers because they are not certified.

Caregivers are maids who take care of the elderly and even those with special needs and have the necessary certification for this. Unlike Oldsitters, their primary work is to focus on their patient. Usually they have an assistant to help them take care of the other things related to their patient. Caregivers charge a higher salary because of their certification.

Yaya/All Around Maids are maids who can take care of a child while helping out with general housework. They take care of everything related to the child plus cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry and ironing clothes. Ideal for households whose employers are also at home, children taken cared of are older, households with only one child, or a big household with many helpers. Their salaries are higher then Regular All Around Maids or Yayas/Nannys since they can do more work.

Here at, we focus on deploying All Around Maids, Yayas/Nannys, Yaya/All Around Maids, and Oldsitters and we don't cater to applicants who would want to focus on single tasks only. This kind of work maybe applicable for bigger households but those we help should be able to do all the work listed in the job description of each kind of maid. If they get hired for a single task, then great! The Filipino family stands to benefit more with those who can do more.

“God gave burdens; he also gave shoulders.” — Yiddish Proverb


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