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Registered our Kasambahays for the 2022 Elections!

We want our voices to be heard this coming Philippine elections and we want our whole household to exercise their right to vote. We are happy that our helpers were keen on voting even if one has not registered yet and the other has to transfer voter registrations. This wasn't a problem for us as long as they really wanted to vote - If there's a will, there's a way!

September 2021 is the last month of registration as announced by COMELEC and unfortunately, our helpers' schedule for registration were cancelled because of the last Enhanced Community Quarantine in Metro Manila. Immediately after this, we worked on registering them again so that they can vote next year.

Registration forms were online and the requirements were easy to comply with (follow links below). We only had to check and see where we can physically register and fortunately for us, there were malls near us who were accepting walk-ins!

We tried our luck with the nearest mall to us and we brought our maids just before 8 AM. The line was already long and outside the mall and when we asked if the reserved slots for walk-ins were already filled up, they security guards answered us, "Opo!". They told us that the earliest registrant lined up at 3 AM. Undaunted, we went home and decided to try again the next day and go earlier at around 4 AM.

We arrived at 4:45 AM the next day and the line was already pass the first corner from the mall entrance. The guard assisting registrants guided our helpers to the line and he checked his list for what we can only assume as the current number of people in the line. When we asked him if we made it, he said, "Pasok pa po!". Now its just a matter of waiting in line and we went home with high hopes.

Before our second attempt, we were able to talk to two friends of ours who lined up the day we failed to get in. The first one said she lined up just before 5 AM and her queue number was 120 of 150. Another friend who lined up after 5 AM said he wasn't able to make it. A difference of a few minutes was all there is for those who really wanted to get in. Thank God we were able to get in before 5 AM!

At around 8 AM, our helpers informed us that they were 70th in line for the 15o allocated slots, they were already inside the mall then, seated and waiting.

A few hours later, our helpers informed us again that they were moved in front of the line since they informed COMELEC that they had prior registrations just before ECQ. They were 40th in line now.

It was past 1 PM when they contacted us again and they were finally done.

Almost 9 hours just to register for this coming elections and we asked them if it was worth it? Our Kasambahays answered us with no hesitations and said, "Yes!".

We have a chance to make a difference in this coming elections so let's exercise our right and vote wisely!

"It's not enough to just want change... You have to go and make change by voting." - Taylor Swift

Follow link below for the COMELEC application for registration

Follow link below for malls with COMELEC satellite voter's registration center


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